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Veterans Day

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Many of my students are gathering at someone’s house tonight to make Christmas cards for soldiers. Many others made cards in art class today. A few even volunteered recently at a Veterans’ Stand Down event that shows vets all of the services available to them. I realize that my high school is a small one and students do things that they might not do in larger schools. Maybe the students at my school are just special (I think they are but I’m biased). I just feel so proud that the students are willing to give up their time in order to provide items for soldiers and veterans that will make them feel a little better wherever they are. I really believe that most of my students truly understand that we all are indebted to our men and women in the military. We don’t spend enough time thanking our service people during most of the year. I really like a video I saw that is a fine tribute to our veterans.

We just take for granted so often for all that we have here in the United States. As Tom Brokaw wrote in The Greatest Generation, we have much to be thank my father’s generation for. I truly feel blessed and if you are reading this and you are a veteran or in active service I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you’ve done. If you are a fellow teacher I hope you teach your students all about the tremendous sacrifice that our veterans have made for us. I really believe that teaching students to be thankful for all they have is one of our most important tasks. Unfortunately, state standards don’t tend to include thanking veterans in the classes we teach.

Have a wonderful Veterans’ Day!