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No Video Games

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Does anyone else remember this day as the last day of summer? I remember laying on a raft in the middle of Twain Harte Lake wondering why summer had to end so quickly and why school had to start tomorrow. Now some schools have been in session for a month already! August is such a great month to be outside.

As you can see I’m not a major proponent of year-round schools. In fact I detest the encroachment of the school year on the summer vacation. I don’t believe there should be a week off for Thanksgiving and a week off for  Presidents’  Week. These are hatched from a plot to move towards year-round school. I want summer to remain intact! Kids need summers to get outside and play. Video games and computers should be taboo during daylight hours and our children should be riding bikes, climbing trees, swimming or just plain playing in the dirt. I remember some great times playing with my army men in the dirt. I would have entire wars fought. The dirt clod explosions were just as spectacular in my mind as any explosions in the movies or video games. My sister and I would also go climbing trees. These were great valley oaks that you could spend hours exploring. She would always climb higher than I would as I had a bit of a fear of heights. And then there was my bike. I’m proud to say I was a proud owner of a sting ray that I would ride everywhere on. I would only come home for meals and in between my friends and I would be out exploring, going to each others’ homes, finding the best jumps, and just laying in the grass by our bikes looking up at the sky.


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So I hope on this Labor Day kids all over are getting outside and playing in whatever fashion they like best. We have such a beautiful place to live it seems like a waste to not get outside and enjoy the rivers, oceans, forests, and wide open spaces.