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Moon over San Diego.

San Diego

Summer is already about halfway gone. So sad. I’ve got so many more things planned but I know that many of the items will have to wait til next year…or later.

Just got back from a great little golf trip with friends and my son. We went to a fairly new golf course run by a casino. It was a wonderful course, and the attention to service was incredible. The people there made sure you had everything you needed to have a good time. They even cleaned your clubs when you finished playing. The sprinklers came on when we were on the eighteenth hole so the people in the pro shop felt bad and gave us hats! Can’t wait to go back there.

The week before that my wife and I cooked for a mid-high teen camp. There were about 70 people there. We cooked homemade sourdough pizza, marinated chicken, fresh lemon pull-apart rolls, and buttermilk pancakes as well as many other items. We feel like we really spoiled them. We even served homemade ice cream sandwiches one night for a snack. We’ll be back at camp cooking in a couple of weeks.

This week we’re travelling to San Diego to pick up our golf cart and visit with friends. It’ll be a quick little five-day trip with my wife and then return with our daughter whose already there. Hope to get in a little golf (hopefully at Torrey Pines) while we’re there.

Today I’ll be pruning trees and chipping branches and then possibly pulling roots so that I  can prepare a pad for new greenhouse. I can’t list here all the projects around the house that are on my list. As you can tell from this blog the house chore aren’t my highest priority. These are the items most likely to be postponed until next year. The pruning though can’t wait as the trees keep growing. Someday I want to landscape the yard. I’ve even taken a landscaping class and drawn up plans but they plans sit in a book waiting for implementation.

Schoolwork will be on my agenda in August as the next school year beckons. I’ve got some ideas for change foe the next school year I want to try. Of course there are tweaks to course outlines that need to be made. Even after teaching 27 years I like to keep things fresh and switch things up a bit. I hate the idea of getting into a rut. I learned a long time ago that you can always improve and that when you think you’ve achieved perfection you’re delusional.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am. Apologies to those of you that are working all summer. I guess someone has to.