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Independence Day!

4th of July!!

Some teach summer school, some paint houses, some have part time jobs, some just relax. I love to play but I also get a bit of work in too. I play golf as often as I can, I hike, I bike, I work in the garden, and I cook…a lot.

For the last ten years or so my wife and I have been cooking at our church’s camp. Starting tomorrow we’ll be cooking for about 70 people at our 4th of July Family Camp. We always have lots of fun doing it. One of the greatest perks of cooking at camp is that we don’t have to clean up our mess afterwards, although we surely help. I make a lot of sourdough breads and sourdough crusted pizza. I just looked at my starter and it’s bubbling and foamy, perfect for the dough I’ll be making this morning. My wife’s specialties include sweet dough from which she makes her highly acclaimed Lemon Pull-Aparts. They are gooey and full of butter and lemon zest. Not exactly healthy but they sure are good. She also makes the best cinnamon rolls. I will be barbecuing 20 tri-tip roasts and many pounds of chicken. The tri tip is seasoned with a dry rub and the chicken is marinated in a marinade that contains an assorted blend of fresh summer herbs. I hate to beat my own drum but I have to say I’ve become very good at grilling. The meat always turns out juicy and people love it. If anyone is interested I could post recipes here.

Whole beef tri-tip rump, grilled medium rare

Juicy Tri-Tip


We will be cooking at a Mid-High Camp as well as a Kids Camp and then a wedding this August. We don’t get paid for any of this but that’s all right. We consider the cooking to be our mission. Looking forward to great weather and great fun at the camps. We get to go swimming in the river in between cooking and we both have bikes to ride around camp. It’s such a beautiful spot and we have a little 21 foot trailer that we’ve remodeled and painted. I’ll be away from the computer but I’ll be able to read a lot. I love reading in the early morning before everyone else gets up. and I love to read under the shade of the trees n the afternoon sitting in my beach chair.

Happy 4th of July to everyone! I love our country and the freedoms we enjoy. Hope all my fellow teachers are enjoying a great summer.