Summer solstice

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Well summer is really official now. Yesterday was the summer solstice and now the days start getting shorter. I’m always a little dad about that but I’m not moving to Alaska just yet to get more sun in the summer. Yesterday was a beautiful clear sunny day. The temperature must have reached almost 70 degrees! I worked out front trimming branches off our redwood trees and then I played 19 holes of golf. I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face because I thought about what I needed to get done today and could come up with nothing. Not that there aren’t plenty of things to do around the house. My list of projects is very long. Some of the projects I’ve put off for years so it wouldn’t be a catastrophe if they didn’t get done today.

My three children leave Friday for a trip to Ghana, Africa. They’ll be there for ten days showing the Jesus film. They have all been briefed on what to wear and what not to wear. They know that it would not be ok to turn their noses up when presented with a new food item at someone’s home. Some of their hosts will not eat for a few meals to provide food for this group coming from California. I’m so happy that the three of them get to go together as I know they will always have the memory of this trip in common for the rest of their lives. They are sure to be changed by their experiences. They have never seen how people in other countries live. They are used to always having a meal, getting to watch a movie when they want, play video games, etc… I am very curious to see how they change because of their trip. It is sure to shock their systems, physically and mentally. As I said earlier it was about 70 degrees here yesterday. Next week they’ll be in 100 plus weather with high humidity.

While they’re gone my wife and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary which was this last Monday. We’ll go out to a nice restaurant and maybe a motorcycle ride or two. I’ll get to work on some of those projects that I mentioned earlier. We’ll also be cooking for our church’s Family Camp. We like to cook when other people clean up after us. We also love to cook for people who like our cooking and so far (about ten years) people seem to like what we cook.

Point Loma Coast summer 2011