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Wfamily sunny grade finally had our graduation ceremony last night. I know most of the country started summer vacation a few weeks ago but mine starts this morning. To top it off, it’s a beautiful sunny morning here.

Our ceremony went very well last night. At Ferndale we have a very traditional ceremony. The girls are dressed in white gowns and the boys are in red. They don’t adorn themselves with various extras to try to outdo each other. They wear nice pants, dresses and shoes. There were 29 members of the Class of 1961 there last night. They were adorned in gold gowns and sat in front. The faculty were dressed in black gowns and wore hoods with the colors of their colleges and degrees. Students sit up on a stage and are respectful and attentive during speeches. The speeches were all fantastic. They were very well prepared, humorous, thought provoking, and touching. I sat through the entire ceremony with a huge smile on my face. I know that the ceremony might seem too traditional to some people but the packed house really saw a very special event last night. It was not the type of graduation I attended earlier in the day at my son’s high school. At his school people seem to pay more attention to flying beach balls and tortillas then they do the speakers and the ceremony.

The students at Ferndale do get to let loose at the end of the evening with air horns, confetti, leis, cowboy boots, noise makers, etc… They also leave stage to the music of their choice. They are then swarmed by family and friends and hugs are everywhere. I lost count of the number of hugs IĀ received.

Another special part of the Ferndale graduation is the community and the alumni that attend. It is a major event at Ferndale and a chance to make contact with people that don’t live in the area anymore or live in the area but are there just to support the graduates. This aspect of the ceremony was pointed out by the principal in his speech.

Maybe there are other high schools with ceremonies that are special as well but I can’t imagine that they have anything more special than Ferndale. If you want to see a special event come to Ferndale’s graduation next year. But I warn you, to get a seat you have to get there very early.high school graduation