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I don’t consider myself a Nazi or a believer that one race is better than another. I also don’t believe that any group of people are any better than any other group. I have been contemplating some value to the old eugenics idea. Eugenics was a terrible idea that culminated in the mad workings of Adolf Hitler. The idea was mostly brought about by racist whites who wanted to keep the bloodline pure. They also dabbled in other areas of what should be bred into and out of the genetic pool. They said that we are looking for better breeds of cattle and dogs through “modern” science so why not use the same techniques on humans, Many were sterilized during the early twenties and we continued to sterilize developmentally challenged people for many years afterwards.

So what do I find virtuous in such a terrible thing? I wonder if  maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sterilize individuals for certain acts that would warrant such a drastic measure. For example, I have a friend who is the foster parent of the tenth child of an individual. This individual has had a child since this one. The state pays about $800 a month for the care of each child! So what if an individual like this who shows they cannot support any children both physically and mentally is sterilized after their second or third child? I don’t want to play God and test people for their ability to take care of children but I’m concerned every time I see a child or children under the “care” of individuals who are on drugs and unable to care for themselves.

I realize I may get criticized for such views as the one above and that I may be missing some point or another. I’m just tired of seeing the precious resources of the country going to the propagation of a growing welfare state. The amount of money we spend on the care of these people is a huge amount. Honestly though it isn’t just about the money. These children that are born into sometimes horrendous situations have a slim chance to succeed in this world. They most likely will end up much like their parents just like the rest of us.

In the meantime I believe it is our responsibility to care for the poor. I believe we  it is possible to give people a hand up out of poverty instead of just hand outs. I will continue to support local charities that help the poor. If we all gave to reliable charities the world would be a better place for the children that are brought into the world in less than ideal situations.