At our school we are still three weeks away from graduation. But summer seems upon us. For many of you summer starts this weekend. Congratulations for the start of summer! I have to say this is my favorite time of year. It may have something to do with either being a student or a teacher since 1964. Summer has so many great memories for me. I can’t imagine having to work full time during the summer months. Sorry if that’s in the cards for you this summer. Except for being a waiter while in college, I never have had to work during the summer. I am always able to go back to work in the fall feeling refreshed and raring to go. Even when I was a waiter I was able to play during the day and only worked at night.

With the summer months we get outside more often. I like to play golf and walk the dogs in the forest. I was just telling my wife this weekend how I miss being in the high country. My knees aren’t what they used to be but I think I could still be able to stay on trails and hike up to some alpine lakes this summer. I love to be in solitude looking out over the still water of a high alpine lake. Only a trout coming up to feed on an insect disturbs the tranquil scene. A trout feeding isn’t much of a disturbance either.

8 Mile Lake in Alpine Lakes

I have some great memories of the back-country. Some of the memories were a little harrowing. The last time we were in the high country we got hit by a lightning storm just as we were trying to cross over a pass. My oldest son was with us and fell through the snow into a small creek just as the entire scene turned to white and a simultaneous crack of thunder hit. He was fine but a little shook up. We then couldn’t find the trail (it was my responsibility) and had to go cross country until we found it. In the meantime I injured my knee and it swelled until it was tight against my pant leg. Unfortunately, we still had about eleven miles to hike.

I can’t wait to get out and try that again. Maybe the next trip will be a little more successful.