So my family went to see our daughter graduate from college. No big deal right…Everybody has college graduates in the family. Well I have to tell you, it is a big deal. My daughter is so special. She may not have been the highest ranked academically, she didn’t receive a standing ovation from the entire crowd (she did in high school), but she was the most accomplished there (well according to her Dad). Abby lights up a room when she enters. When she walks in she is either yelling about  seeing someone else or someone else is yelling about seeing her. She was described by one of her professors as a magnet. Abby literally drew people to her when she was in college.

game news editing editor social science lesson plan She has always drawn people to her. Abby is so much fun to be with why wouldn’t people want to be with her. Even in high school Abby was able to make people feel like they were the most important people in Abby’s life. It turns out we’re all important in Abby’s life. We are all waiting to see what Abby will do next.

Congratulations to all the graduates of the Class of 2011! We wait to see what you also will do next. There are some many things for you to fix. A world for you to make better.