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We had a mini conference at school today instead of regular classes. The topic was This is Your Life. The day was filled with skits and mini workshops, a great lunch, and then larger healthy  classes including an extreme workout, Zumba, relaxation, and dance. Our site council put the day together as well as Mrs. Frisk and a lot of help from Heidi Moore from the Humboldt County Office of Education.

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A few students grumbled the day before about the titles of workshops, having to stay on campus at lunch, and a few other odd complaints. There were a few absences today. Sorry the students that stayed home missed it. Sorry that the parents of the students that stayed home let them stay home. I really think that today was a huge success. I didn’t hear any negative comments. Students were abuzz all day about what they had just learned and they were talking about what they were about to hear. I don’t know if today was life changing for anyone but it could have been. It was definitely a fun day for all. I even heard a comment at the end of the day that a student said they couldn’t believe they’d been at school for six hours!

Students learned about bullying and how other feel, they learned about personality styles and how to talk to people with different styles, they learned about peer pressure, drunk driving, keeping a balanced life, personal investing, and other topics. It was well-organized, students didn’t just get to go with their friends, and the day had a good flow to it.

There was even a video at the end of the day showing students in various activities they had participated in.

Tomorrow is our community service day. All our students are assigned to various job both on and off campus. We have a barbecue afterwards and then the students are released for Spring Break at one o’clock. Today was the perfect prelude to tomorrow’s giving back to the community. We have a very supportive community and I love to see our students working hard to help pay back some to the community that supports them all year.