It’s been seven weeks now of producing the News-Ed Game. We have learned a lot about the making the game better and producing a better website. Putting a hundred questions together each week can be challenging but I believe that Paul and I are up to the task. We truly believe  that the New-Ed Game can be a great help to a teacher that is looking for some new lesson plan material or a home school teacher/parent that wants to put a little spice into their lessons.

I am a golf coach so I’ve been coming home at dusk each evening. The spring season is still full of rainy days. There has been many days that it rained in the morning but the afternoon was playable. The golf gods must be looking out for us. Played with two of my players and a parent today in a two man scramble (two teams for us). My partner and I shot a net 67 and our other team a net 59 which garnered them 2nd place. It was a fun and mostly sunny morning.

So back to the News-Ed Game… We have been producing a free version for the spring and the fall version will be for pay. Looking forward to serving teachers for many years. Let us know how we can better serve you.