What a day at school today. It’s the last day of the third quarter . I’ve got a pile of papers to put in my grade book and grades to post. It’s been quite a week because I’m also a golf coach and we had three matches this week. I sit here now on the laptop feeling a little tired.

Had a great time on the road with the golf team Monday and Tuesday. My team is really a lot of fun and not bad golfers either. We got to see the sun for an extended time period for the first time in over a month. We are on the coast and the courses here have been either under water or saturated with water. It has been a while since we could walk down the fairway without seeing our footprints in the brown mud on top of the grass behind us.

Golf, a dexterity sport.

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Looking forward to seeing more sun soon and seeing the close of another school year. I saw something today that I always enjoy seeing. One of my ex students was mowing the fields just off the highway coming into town. It’s so great to see the tractors out mowing and soon making hay. To me, that means that summer is just around the corner. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching but summers are very special. I’ve been able to make some great memories during the many summers I’ve had both before and during my teaching career.

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Okay, I am jumping the gun just a bit. There are still ten more weeks of school left this year. There’s one month left before the Advanced Placement Tests begin. Our students will be taking their standardized tests soon. The students have already had their exit exams. Scholarships have been applied for, and committees will be meeting soon to decide who gets what. We have a MORP (backwards prom) tomorrow night, Prom next month, and the Junior/Senior picnic before school ends.

I’m sure we’re heading into some frantic days as we try to wrap up the school year on a positive note. It will all seem worth it as graduation day comes. There will be plenty of hugs, presents, cards, and signs of gratitude then. For now though, I’ve got work to do.