It’s spring! Here in Northern California that has meant rain and lots of it. I know I shouldn’t complain because some parts of the country have a lot of snow and other parts of the country need more rain. I did just see some sunshine outside for a couple of minutes but now it looks like it’s about to rain again. I’m a golf coach and we’ve been practicing every day. Every day I come home with dirty socks and the bottom of my pants dirty. My wife has to scrub (yes she does the laundry) to get the dirt out. I’m just really ready for some sun. We are going on a road trip this week and maybe we’ll see some sun then.

The News-Ed Game has made it to its fifth week. We wanted to get two versions made this week but that won’t be happening until next week. My students are enjoying playing the game on Fridays and they’ll play next week on one of the days I’ll have a substitute.

We were talking the other day about what a great deal the News-Ed Game is. $79 for 32 weeks of 100 question games. Teachers that have paid will have access to the archived games. That’s 3200 questions for about 4 cents each. Now that we’re going to have a categorized version of the game, teachers will be able to look up questions for classroom use anytime they want and the old games will be easy to search.

We’ve even been researching making an app for an IPad or IPhone that you can play the game on. The app is at least 6 months away from being available. We’re interested in pursuing whatever makes it easier to play our game in the classroom or at home. We have received some feedback about the format and the questions and we have adapted. We will continue to adapt in the future to make the News-Ed Game better. Feel free to send us comments so that we know what your needs are.