Now that we’ve made four of the News-Ed Games, we are learning how to better serve teachers and home school instructors as well as make better questions. We are working on a version of the game that will have the questions in categories and will increase in difficulty. Teachers that know their students have not studied Economics or Government, can then just skip over those sections. Some of the questions have been too long and those will be shorter in the future. We will still be producing the mixed questions with mixed difficulties for those teachers who like the way the game currently stands. The only difference will be that we will started non-current event question with the name of the subject covered.

We appreciate the comments we have received and as I stated before, we are willing to do what it take to serve you better. I know that I sound like a worn out cliche. We just want you to remember that we are open to ideas and we’re willing to change our product to suit your needs.

Remember that the News-Ed Game is not meant to just be a current events game. It is our desire to help you increase students’ test scores on social science questions as well. As you know, if students don’t use the knowledge that they have accumulated over the years they tend to forget it. We just want students to use the knowledge previously gained so that they will do better on test scores.

news quiz game, current events game, social science, economicsOf course we also think that social studies is an extremely important set of subjects. I really believe that as a social studies teacher you have a great responsibility. It is our responsibility to help our students become informed voters in the future. We live in such a small world that the students of today cannot ignore all of the events happening in the world around them. As I type this the United States and other countries are bombing Moammar Qaddafi and Libyan forces.

There are always exciting subjects for discussion happening in the world around us. Maybe by playing the News-Ed Game students will start to ask questions about events happening around the world. I love it when a student comes to class with a question about a current event. Many of the other students will then join in and want to know the answer to that very same question.

One last note… 1. Play the game in your class.    2. Let us know how it went.   3. Order the game for next year ($79 for an entire year).