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It’s getting close to end of the third quarter and students are scrambling to get their late work in. This weekend marks the beginning of Spring. Golf season is well under way. Baseball and softball will be playing games soon. If it wasn’t for the snow level falling and the cold wind blowing, I’d say that summer was just around the corner.

Soon students will be taking AP tests and their standardized tests. Hopefully they’ll be prepared enough for the AP tests to succeed. Hopefully students areĀ  motivated to succeed on those tests as well.current events, news, standardized test, history, social studiesm homeschool

This time of year is a fun time as the Seniors get it all figured out what their doing next year. They find out what college has accepted them. They decide even what career they will head towards. Soon they’ll be receiving their scholarships and awards. Students that seem to have hated high school finally figure out that they really did like it there.

I’m always excited about summer starting but also feeling a little melancholic about the students leaving the school. I like to stand in the empty classroom toward the end of school and reflect on the past year. I still remember where some students sat in their desks from years gone by. I can’t remember where everyone sat (I’ve forgotten many names even), but there are some I can say where sat 27 years ago.

I’m still in touch with some but have lost touch with most of my old students. I have to say that my memories are good ones mostly. I’ve had so many great students in my classroom. I love to hear from my old students.

Ok, so this post has gotten a bit drippy. There is still a lot of work to do this year so I better stay focused and get it done. Tomorrow I’ll be back at my desk doing grades and posting them online.