Just imagine students excited about the world around them. Imagine them excited to learn. Ok, wake up! Students are living in the age of video games, twitter, facebook, and constant texting…constant texting. I think we can hold their attention for a while but they are almost overstimulated by everything else around them.

So what can we do? I think competitions, rewards or incentives, video, lecture, storytelling, group projects, and old fashioned schoolwork can keep a student interested. If students see value in what their doing they will be more apt to doing whatever the task is. Even a book assignment can grab a student’s attention if there is a significant reward and it is relevant.

free lesson, current events, history, geography, civicsI like to mix things up with different types of assignments and delivery. I’m not always successful but I think my classes are usually interesting. Students are generally engaged or I’m very near them actively coaxing them to engage.

Teaching is a great life and I’ve never complained about my pay, benefits or hours. I didn’t get into it for the money, I think I’m smarter than that. I wanted to have fun and make a difference. After 27 years teaching I still feel the same, I want to have fun and make a difference.