Week one of the News-Ed Game is halfway gone. Now it’s time to work on week two. We were very pleased with how the game looks and the quality of the questions. The game is easy to play. I even asked my wife and child questions. I know one family that likes to ask the questions to each other as they are driving to rodeos.

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I really hope that teachers are helped by the use of the News-Ed Game. I’ve been teaching a long time and I’ve been asking questions like these to students for many years. My students remember a lot from the current events we cover in class. I really enjoy students coming in before school to discuss some current event that they heard or read about at home. They know I’m interested because of the importance I give to current events in my classroom.

We are all stressed to cover all that we have to cover according to the standards set by each state. Playing the News-Ed Game is not meant to detract from your time budget. Relating past events to current events helps you as a teacher because students are more apt to remember what they learn in your class if the facts are pertinent to what they see around them. I find that when students see “history” happening in the world today, they don’t ask that silly question “Why do we have to learn history?”.