I don’t know whether every state or just California has a policy of not allowing retired teachers to draw from social security, but I believe all teachers should put a stop to the policy. If a person pays into social security shouldn’t they be able to draw from the fund? Some states believe that it’s double dipping and they don’t think retired teachers should be able to draw from two retirement systems. If we pay into two system why then shouldn’t we get paid back from both? It’s not like retirement from teaching is so lucrative that retired teachers live in the lap of luxury until they die. Many teachers get second jobs after retirement or do odd jobs to supplement their retirement income. Benefits dry up pretty quickly after starting retirement so retired teachers have to start paying for their own medical, dental, and vision insurance. As everyone knows, insurance is prohibitively expensive.

I have written to my congressman and suggest you write your representative also. State legislators need to be notified of your opinion also.

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