The News-Ed Game will be a way for teachers and home school educators can help their students improve their standardized test scores. The game will feature questions from each of the social science classes taught in most high schools. If you want to help your students improve their knowledge of United States History, World History, Geography, Civics, Government, and Economics, the News-Ed Game is for you. Students will retain knowledge that they continue to use. The News-Ed Game will refresh your students’ memories of what they have learned in months and years past. Our goal is to make a low cost lesson plan that will help teachers improve test score and bring current events into classroom discussion.

Sign up on our contact page http”//newsedgame.wordpress.com/contact for more information and to get on our mailing list. The free version of our game will be available for you to use in three weeks. Try out the game for free before you decide to order for the following school year.