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If you are a teacher of Social Sciences including US History, World History, Geography, Civics, Government, or Economics and you are interested in your students knowing more about current events, the News-Ed Game will be the game for you. Substitute teachers can use the News-Ed Game for those days that the teacher is away also. Since the News-Ed Game requires no prep time, substitutes can just walk into the classroom and start playing with no need to even know the subject. The game will be free on this site starting in March and will cost $79 for the next school year. That’s $79 for 20% of the lesson plans you need for an entire year! The News-Ed Game will help any teacher with their hectic schedule and lack of preparation time. The News-Ed Game will be tied to national standards and will increase your students’ tests score on standardized tests. Each question that covers a social science question will show which of the national standards are covered. No other game available has the quality of questions that the News-Ed Game has. No other lesson plans with up to date questions are available as cheap as they are with the News-Ed Game. no teacher prep time, geography, civics, economics

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